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Servants of God (7)
05/02/2016 04:47:37 PM

Posted by Judy Chang

Miracles: a Fall Retreat Testimonial (4)
11/30/2015 01:28:46 PM

Dear Friends, This past CLM retreat in NJ was a spectacular one...I don't have to tell you that. Yet what I haven't yet shared is some of the fruits that came out of our retreat. During the soaking prayer/miracle services, held on Friday and Saturday nights, Goldalee received multiple prophetic words from Bishop Bobbee, Bishop Dana, and Padre Paul; the words from The Padre and Bishop Bobbee specifically related to her relationship with her mother. Additionally, these words helped to heal deep emotional scars which were embedded in her psyche, due to a history of unresolved trauma and psychological abuse, in her immediate family.

After the retreat, we felt so inspired by everything that had occurred; we felt particularly blessed by the presentation that Rev. Virginia gave, which was - as you all certainly recall - related to Mo. Mary. Well...upon our return home, we noticed a funny thing. A cactus plant which we have had for about 2 years had begun to bloom (in Mid-November). The only other time that we've seen it in bloom is when we first received it (as a gift). Wow! I looked it up online, and it gets stranger: When the cacti found within these four arid lands begin to bloom in late March and April, spring has once again returned to these North American deserts. ?It seems that cactus plants mainly bloom during the spring months, like many other types of plant life. We immediately felt that the plant's unseasonable bloom was ?a miracle. As its flowers are pink, we thought that perhaps this is a Mother Mary related miracle...and perhaps a miracle related to Goldalee's Mom, and her connection with her Mom.

On November the 11th, a couple of days post our return from retreat, we decided to go and visit Goldalee's mother (Pessl), in the nursing home where she was staying. We had a wonderful visit with her, during which she (Goldalee's mother), sang and sang and sang to us. (I kept inwardly praying to Jesus/Yeshua; I believe that Pessl's intuitive response was to break out in song.) Pessl sang so much that even when the nursing assistants came to help her to utilize the restroom, she kept on singing. Even though she wasn't traditionally religious, Pessl sang many religious songs to us. The last words that she spoke to us, before we left for the evening were via song. That song, which she sang to us in Yiddish was, "God of Abraham." Pessl reminded Goldalee that this song was a song that both Pessl and her mother (Goldalee's Bubbie), sang over the Shabbat candles. It was so moving: We hugged Pessl, and blessed her, and tucked her in bed before we left.

Just last Monday, we received word that Pessl was on oxygen, and wasn't responding. We quickly got on the train to go up to her; she passed just before we arrived. Fortunately, Goldalee and I were able to be with her body, and bless it/her, and communicate with her spirit. It's been a week of gorgeous blessings...albeit a sad week of letting go, on the earthly plane. Last Friday, before sundown (which is Shabbat), Goldalee gave a beautiful and uplifting speech, at her Mom's funeral.

All that to say: The guidance and assistance that comes through our retreats is invaluable; although we had intuited before the retreat that we should visit Pessl, in the near future, had it not been for the direct words that Goldalee received, we may not have visited her Mom (my mother-in-law), so quickly...maybe we wouldn't have physically seen Pessl before she passed on, which was such a comfort to us all.

Yeshua is with us; Mother Mary is active in our lives, and in the lives of all who invite her in. All thanks and glory be to God, Creator of all. ?? -- Blessings, Rev. Kat Katsanis~Semel Interfaith Chaplain?/Mindful NYU? NYU Global Spiritual Life

Posted by Rev. Kat Katsanis~Semel

Saturday, NJ (3)
11/11/2015 12:01:36 AM

Dear Padre Paul, I was fortunate enough to attend Saturday retreat in Edison NJ. I am a friend of Joey's. I wanted to thank you from my heart for a most amazing experience. My heart has been so open since I left....the effects are life altering. I wish I could have attended the entire weekend...and hope you return to NJ soon!!!! Thank you to all of the amazing people that participated and touched my life. I feel like I'm back on track again... God Bless Barbara

Posted by Barbara

East Coast Retreat (2)
11/09/2015 05:03:00 PM

I have just returned from the Edison NJ retreat. Such a joy. Each member of the large CLM ministry went out of their way to make us all feel welcome. They lent their passion and depth of Divine connection to the event in each of their unique ways, like a bouquet of love, with each other and with those of us new to the experience. The healing services vibrated with power. The selfless service offered to each of us helped us have the most direct experience of the healing touch of Spirit possible. I am so grateful to have made contact with CLM and plan to have a long relationship to this ministry of love and light.

Posted by Maureen OReilly from NH

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