Come Home to Love by Soulfyre
Music CD, IB-M100
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Come Home to Love

Soulfyre Musical Ministries is known for their rich harmonies, uplifting lyrics, and their ability to connect the listener to a deeply profound sense of the Divine, by whatever name it is known. This music, sung by four women interfaith ministers, is devotional and inspirational. Some cuts on this CD are lyrical songs expressing heartfelt themes of unity and gratitude, others are English chants designed to deepen prayer and meditation and to connect you to healing energy. Soulfyre Musical Ministries' members represent eclectic spiritual and musical backgrounds, and so does their music!

Sacred Chants from the Music Angels by Janet Lee Kraft
Music CD, IB-M200
Sold Out!
Sacred Chants from the Music Angels

"Even though the songs on this CD are my original compositions, I am not a songwriter. Rather, I "hear" the music in my head, and write what I hear. From the very beginning, I attributed this process to a team of angels I call The music Angels. Since 1995, they have given me incredibly beautiful music. I am humbles and honored they chose me to bring this to kife. Recording and performing this music is how I honor them. My sincerest hope is that you will feel inspired, uplifted and empowered by this CD of devotional chants. It is our pleasure to bring it to you.
With Love, Jan & The Music Angels

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