Welcome to the Chapel
The Chapel is a spiritual center where people from all paths can unite for communion with the Divine Spirit. Through reading the sacred writings from the major religious traditions, one may begin to see the common threads which knit us together under one Creator. It is our prayer that this Chapel facilitates healing in all areas of the lives of the people who come here, and deepens their relationship with our Divine Mother/Father. You are invited to take a moment for inspiration and communion by following the guidance below.

A Prayer Exercise for You

In ancient times prayer was actually a time for listening to the Divine Spirit. Out of that tradition you are invited to join us in creating a sacred space for yourself.

You will begin by relaxing and breathing in a certain way so your focus is centered inward. The three breaths you are to take will be drawn in through your nose while thinking "I am." When you slowly exhale through your mouth, think "God breathed." Repeat this three times.

Next you will turn your attention to the sacred writing on the screen. Let those words flow into and through to the center of your being, where they will be metabolized by the Holy Spirit and become part of your being. You will rest in that state of receptivity for 3 to 5 minutes where you will experience true prayer which is listening.

When you come out of that state, give thanks to the Divine Spirit in any way that is comfortable for you.

Peace, Shalom...Namaste.

Sacred Scripture:

Judaism Nehemiah 8:10

"The Joy of the Lord is my strength..."


Funny, I would never have associated strength with joy. But there is an energy in joy that does uplift and strengthen. Lately however, I have forgotten how to "laugh" and have a "good time". I have also noticed how "drained" I have felt and that is important for me to get back into enjoying life. But how?


Lord, it is my greatest wish to celebrate life and be fully alive again. I need a "spirit transfusion." My drooping spirit needs to be replaced by your joyous Spirit. Come, Spirit of God, enliven me with your presence.


Every atom of my body is being energized by God's Spirit and I am feeling revitalized.

Action Step:

Today, decide to do something that makes you happy and makes you laugh, something you enjoy doing. It might be a telephone call to a friend who knows how to transcend life's challenges and bring others a sense of joy, or it might be jumping into some leaves during autumn, as you did when you were a child. You decide! But, do it now.

We recommend this video to further expand your experience:

Quiet Miracles Video

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Co-founders Paul Funfsinn (L), Spiritual Leader and Director of Celebrating Life Ministries and the late Ron Roth (R), Spiritual Shepherd Emeritus.

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