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Celebrating Life Medjugorje Pilgrimage Celebrating Life Medjugorje Pilgrimage
with Paul Funfsinn and the CLM Community
March 18, 2020 through March 25, 2020

CLM's Sacred Pilgrimage to Medjugorje
CLM ~ Registration Fee
March 18-25, 2020

Traveling with Steve & Ana Shaw Company -
Staying at Mirjana and Marko Soldo place (Visionary) or at other location TBA
Double Occupancy  $995 ~  Single $1,194

Call Steve Shawl at (815) 748-0410 or Fax: (815)333-2338  (Tell Steve you're from Celebrating Life)

email:    Website: Company -
The Medjugorje Web

Travel to Medjugorje on a sacred pilgrimage with Paul Funfsinn and his CLM Community. This is a trip of a lifetime.

This will be Paul's 16 trip the Medjugorje. He has been traveling to Medjugorje since 1983. 

For those of you who have never been to Medjugorje, you will experience one of the most spiritual, and peaceful places on earth. One of the best descriptions of Medjugorje we have ever heard is: "Medjugorje is a place where Heaven touches the earth". After visiting Medjugorje we are sure you will agree.

We arrange for excellent accommodations in Medjugorje and will be providing a full and complete itinerary of events throughout the trip. We will have our local guide, Snjezana Zovko, from Medjugorje assisting the group throughout the pilgrimage.

The visionaries in Medjugorje tell us that no one goes to Medjugorje by accident. We are called individually by Our Lady. What an awesome thought! If you feel called to go to Medjugorje then answer Our Lady's invitation! Traveling to Medjugorje is truly a life-changing experience!

Our Intention Colors for this trip are: Light Blue, Yellow, White

The Cost of this Pilgrimage ( land only) is: $995 double occupancy / $1,195 single occupancy.  Air Transportation is EXTRA.

3 Steps Necessary to Join our Sacred Trip to Medjugorje

Step #1 - Purchase your CLM Registration Fee ($400) (required) Scroll to the bottom of the page!

Step #2 - Purchase your Pilgrimage Accommodations ~  Double occupancy $995 / Single $1,194. (Land only) Required Special Link for our CLM FAMILY (private Link) Note, If you're not married than separate rooms are requested for couples. Keeping with the spirit of purity. 
NOTE: You can fill out the form requested and send it. You will have two days to decide if that is what you really want to do since you will know the cost of the trip in full. They will send you another email to confirm your decision and then PAY for your trip!

Step #3 - Purchase your Airline tickets thru which is an additional charge or purchase your own airline tickets. It is encouraged to purchase Travel Insurance for this trip. Please note: This is actually really important. You don’t want to have two separate reservations. You want all your flights under a single reservation. US/Split. Otherwise, it can cause luggage issues, and if you miss a connection, let’s say in Europe because the next flight is under a different number the airline isn’t obligated to protect you, so they could require you to purchase a new flight. All very messy. Another problem with two reservations is they usually can’t check your luggage through to Split. I always suggest either having us do flights complete from the US/Split or have the person do their own.

For those choosing to purchase your flights on your own,  please talk to Steve about your travels and connections and where to meet up with our group before you make your final reservations.. Our group flight connections are below

March 18 – US/Germany-Frankfurt

March 19 – Croatia Airlines OU 413 departing Frankfurt at noon, arriving Split at 1:45 pm. SPECIAL NOTE: Our Bus will be awaiting our CLM Group Pick-up at this time to travel to Medjugorje. If anyone's flight arrives after 1:45 pm they will miss our Group Bus and will have to make other arrangements (TAXI) to Medjugorje which could cost approximately $200. 

March 25 – Early morning return to Split with flights back to the US


For more information contact: Steve Shawl Call 815-748-0410 or email:

FOR A General ITINERARY click on this link:

The Medjugorje Web  772 Peace Road, Dekalb, Illinois 60115

Things to consider before joining this pilgrimage:

* Medjugorje Village is a Catholic Community so all services are surrounded around the Church Services (Mass twice a day)....Confessions

* Millions of Pilgrims travel to Medjugorje, so this is an opportunity for us to suspend our beliefs and consider this new template of a spiritual path. Catholic Devotion!

* All the focus in Medjugorje is on the Eucharist, the very presence of Jesus. Our Lady's presence is saturated in the very atmosphere of this Village.

* Concerning our meals. Basic breakfast and dinner meals are served as part of your accommodations. NOTE: these meals are served family-style, very traditional and simple. So for those with a challenge with health issues (food allergies, etc) you might have to bring your own choice of foods. So think through this process if this pilgrimage is for you or not, before you press the button to join us. There is a simple grocery store in this village. Remember, this is a pilgrimage, so part of our intention is to surrender -give up- things that we are used to having available in our homes. We will be in a season of LENT, which fasting is part of this spiritual exercise. for anyone to chose.

* Our guide, Snjezana Zovko will be leading our group with daily activities such as a church, Apparition Hill, Cross Mountain, visiting other communities organization that have to transform people's lives. Note: CLM will not be gathering for "group activities", like at our own sponsored retreats.  Our focus is for each individual personal pilgrim to encounter Our Lady and her messages and the deep love she has for her Son Jesus.

* Special Note: There is no laying on of hands for healing in public places, in your private room, yes!. This is not allowed for any reason, which I respect because of the millions of people traveling to this sacred place and our focus should be on The Lord's Presence, not on any individual person. 

What to Know Before You Go

Medjugorje Climate:

City Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Medjugorje Low 30 38 45 55 65 68 76 75 68 55 45 35
High 45 50 60 68 86 95 95 95 85 70 55 47


RECAP: The cost is $995 per person double occupancy or $1194 with a private room option. The cost includes round trip transfers with the group, 6 nights at Mirjana and Marko Soldo’s place or Jakov’s place across the street until our rooms run with breakfast and dinner daily, a private talk from her with the question and answer time, Snjezana will be our local guide and full program in Medjugorje. If Medjugorje Web provides flights, that cost would be added to the cost above. Not Included: Lunches, Tips to house, guide, and bus drivers. Travel Insurance is recommended. Items of a personal nature. Luggage handling (1 piece per person)

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Co-founders Paul Funfsinn (L), Spiritual Leader and Director of Celebrating Life Ministries and the late Ron Roth (R), Spiritual Shepherd Emeritus.

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