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FREE - Monthly Healing Prayer Service FREE - Monthly Healing Prayer Service
Padre Paul, Rev. Barbara Rose Billings, & Monk Ryan Rigoli
April 06, 2020

FREE Monthly Healing Prayer Tele-Service

Monday, April 6, 2020  5:00pm  PST , 6:00pm MST, 7:00pm CST, 8:00pm EST

Theme: "Arise Anew"

Join Padre Paul, Rev. Barbara Rose Billings, & Monk Ryan Rigoli for an hour of sharing in the vision for Easter and their theme, "Arise Anew". They will share inspirational quotes and offer Healing Prayers that will end this program. Padre Paul, Barbara Rose, and Ryan will offer our listeners a chance to walk deeper with God as well as each other. Participants are reporting healings after these evening TeleServices. Invite your friends and family members to join us for an evening of GRACE!

To contribute to the cost of this service simply enter your donation dollar amount in the entry box. (NOTE: You must enter an amount to order, if you cannot afford it at this time please enter 0 (zero) and it will be free.

About our Presenters:

Rev. Barbara Rose Billings Bio
Barbara Rose Billings, an Ordained Monastic within CLM, has spent her life serving and loving God first as a Sister of Mercy, and now as a mystical being serving and living a contemplative life in secular society.  Her deep love for God is a life’s journey and her passion is Oneness with God. Rev. Barbara Rose shares in this mystery in countless ways, such as Godmother, Spiritual Guide, Teacher, Harpist, Singer Song Writer, Prayer and Meditation leader, and as a Custodian for Spiritual Retreats. 
Rev. Barbara Rose is an inspired presenter of spiritual mystery and is an equally eager student. She attends regular sessions at FSD, participates in personal spiritual retreats, and is lifelong Oneness seeker.  Given her open channel for Divine Wisdom, Rev. Barbara Rose joyfully supports others to know a living and loving God.  Her deep connection gives confidence and practical support for others to follow their path in truth and simplicity. She is available for spiritual healing sessions in person or by phone.
Monk Ryan Rigoli Bio

Ryan sees that the beauty of our spirit and our unique soul’s purpose is amplified when we relax into our Divine presence within. He works as a leadership coach & brand consultant, a purpose coach, & a spiritual & intuitive guide, helping people to access their innate wisdom & gifts and follow their soul’s purpose. He has spent over 20 years bridging spirituality and business and helping organizational leaders and entrepreneurs create greater harmony within their companies, their communities, and within themselves. He is a former Director of Marketing at Yahoo!, has a B.S. in Earth Systems from Stanford University, was certified as an Integral Coach ® and a True Purpose ® Coach, and is a teacher and practitioner of many esoteric wisdom traditions.



Padre Paul Funfsinn Bio

Paul is co-founder of Celebrating Life Ministries with Ron Roth. Paul has a presence and power that moves people to tears when they are near him because of his relationship with the Divine. Experience his Love of the Father and Divine Mother and then watch your spiritual gifts begin to manifest in your own innate healing gifts. Leading prayer & healing services is his strength where signs and wonders follow.

Padre Paul has studied and worked alongside his spiritual mentor, Ron Roth, for over twenty-eight years until his passing. Paul now assumes the role of Spiritual Shepherd of Celebrating Life Ministries and continues to honor the healing legacy of Ron Roth. 

Come and let your hearts be set aflame with love!



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Co-founders Paul Funfsinn (L), Spiritual Leader and Director of Celebrating Life Ministries and the late Ron Roth (R), Spiritual Shepherd Emeritus.

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