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Meditations To Develop A God Consciousness: A Jesus Centered Approach Ron Roth
Single CD ~ Recorded in 2001, IB-RCD14
Sold Out!
Meditations To Develop A God Consciousness: A Jesus Centered Approach
On this essential four track CD, Ron Roth, Ph.D., the author of The Healing Path of Prayer, brings to you an invaluable resource to develop a God consciousness through meditation. 
Ron sets a powerful tone for each meditation with prayers and affirmations to open your heart to the Divine for healing and transformation.

Invoking the Sacred: For Healing, Guidance & Abundance by Ron Roth, Ph.D. & Caroline Myss
6- CD set taped in live in Chicago, Illinois December, 1995, IB-RCD35
$79.00 $50.00  
Invoking the Sacred: <i>For Healing, Guidance & Abundance</i>

From the "Classic Closet" of Ron Roth

Join Spiritual Teachers Ron Roth and Caroline Myss as they come together for this unique presentation and share their healing journeys thru their amazing lives.

In this program, Ron speaks of how his life changed FOREVER when another priest prayed for him to RECIEVE the baptism of the Holy Spirit and then people began to be healed thru the laying on of hands by him.

Caroline Myss tells the stories of her early encounters with Grace and how it affected her life forever. As in all of their teachings, Ron & Caroline share their enthusiasm, wit and charm in this wonderful once in a lifetime presentation.

Be prepared to LAUGH!!! 6 CD Set Recorded Live in Chicago, Illinois Dec 1995.

Jesus and Prayer: Keys To Releasing Divine Power by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
Single Cd ~ recorded in 2004, IB-RCD26
Jesus and Prayer: Keys To Releasing Divine Power

Ron Roth, Ph.D. shares with you the teachings that will bring the abundant life Jesus promised to all.  What does it mean to pray in God's name?  In this recording, Ron teaches us to chant the names of the Divine more effectively, releasing the Divine Power within.

When Jesus said "Pray in my Name" what did he really mean? Was he talking about ending every "prayer" with the words "In Jesus Name we pray"? Or was he sharing a key to power we have forgotten in modern Christianity?

In this audio presentation,Ron share with you teachings of Jesus that will bring the abundant life he has promised to all. Also, Ron is teaching us ways to Chant the Names of the Divine more effectively in order to produce greater results of Peace and harmony in our lives.

Living the Spirit Directed Life by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
Single CD, IB-RCD12
Living the Spirit Directed Life

This cd, taped live at a spiritual empowerment weekend,provides ways to incorporate the Holy Spirit more into our everyday lives.It will expand your awareness of who you truly are,a Spirit Being with unlimited potential.

Holy Spirit: The Boundless Energy of God ~ 2-Cd Set by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
Listen as Ron Roth speaks about the Holy Spirit, IB-RCD10
$18.95 $17.00  
Holy Spirit: The Boundless Energy of God ~ 2-Cd Set

Holy Spirit is filled with inspiring information on how to tap into the tremendous power of God. Ron Roth says that anyone who is willing to open their heart, basically having a heart to heart with God, can access a direct line to God’s power, the Holy Spirit.

He also tells us that Holy Spirit is a boundless energy that can work through you when you truly connect with God through prayer and contemplation. Through prayer you can be filled with the inner knowledge that you were made in God’s image, and that your life’s purpose is to be used as a conduit for God’s healing energy to move unimpeded on Earth.

Connecting With The Divine: The Path of Transcendence and Enlightenment by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
Single Cd ~ IB-RCD50
Connecting With The Divine: <i>The Path of Transcendence and Enlightenment</i>

Topics on this teaching by Ron Roth include:

*  Synchronicities

*  Knowing God

*  The Power of I AM

*  Contemplation

*  Creating a Sacred Space

1 CD set (1 hour 19 min)

Sacred Verses and Divine Healing Decrees by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
Single Cd ~ Recorded in 2001, IB-RCD21
Sacred Verses and Divine Healing Decrees

In the Judeo-Christian tradition Decrees and Blessings are considered a very powerful form of prayer utilized by the prophets, mystics and Jesus himself. On this CD, Ron models this form for you to use in your daily life.


Divine Connection: Prayer & Scriptures to Create a Sacred Space for Healing by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
Single CD ~ Recorded in 2001, IB-RCD4
Divine Connection: Prayer & Scriptures to Create a Sacred Space for Healing

When we seek healing for ourselves or a loved one, we sometimes feel lost or out of control because we don't know where to begin...or even how.

This CD extends to you, the listener, a healing connection with the Divine. As you sit quietly and receive God's grace, Ron will bring you into God's healing presence in order to restore your life and bring you peace of mind.

Healing Prayers by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
For those seeking healing through prayer, RCD9
Healing Prayers

This single recording is a unique experience for your journey towards wellness. Listen to the soothing vibrations of the sacred words inspired by the Holy Spirit. Feel the warmth of God's love embrace you. Sense the Creator's touch as Ron , acting as a channel for God's Holy Spirit, offers these healing prayers on your behalf. A MUST for anyone suffering with pain or sickness who is seeking healing.


I was reminded that at my first CLM retreat I was looking at CDs and wondering which one to choose for my first purchase.  The woman who was standing next to me picked up HEALING PRAYERS and told me she recommended this CD.  She had purchased it at a past retreat and played it over and over at the bedside of a friend who was seriously ill.  Her friend had a rapid and complete recovery which mystified her doctors. She told me she experienced the same healing energy when she played the CD as she had felt when Ron prayed with people in person on retreats.  I happily purchased that CD and it has become a treasured healing tool for me. It looks like it is already a treasured healing tool for you.
You can continue to play it over and over as you go to sleep, as you work on your bills, or simply as background music whenever you want open to deep healing.  You described your personal healing so beautifully, “I feel my fragmentation fading away and wholeness returning to my life, as I listen to these prayers and calming influence of Ron’s profound healing messages.”  On this CD Ron spoke to you of his privilege to be a door holder for God so we can peek into God’s Light and the Light of the Holy Spirit.

Divine Dialogue:How to Heal Your Life with Living Prayer Ron Roth, Ph.D.
CDs – 6 Compact Discs, 2001, IB-RCD36
$79.95 $65.00  
Divine Dialogue:<i>How to Heal Your Life with Living Prayer</i>

Divine Dialogue, Ron Roth crosses cultures, eras, and denominations as he takes you on a journey to the essence of prayer. He shows you how to embrace prayer as an empowering experience of the heart. He shares profoundly moving stories of individuals whose bodies and souls were miraculously healed when they welcomed true prayer into their lives. And he teaches you how to open your whole life to its healing power. Awaken your mind and soul to joyful, healing power of the true prayer experience. CDs – 6 Compact Discs produced by Nightingale-Conant, 2001

Spiritual Healing Intensive ~ CD's by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
10 CD's, Dec 2002, Nightingale-Conant, IB-RCD40
$139.95 $89.00  
Spiritual Healing Intensive  ~ CD's

This is a 10 - CD Set Live Taping from Ron's 5 Day Spiritual Intensive in Oakbrook, Illinois September 2002.In this truly graced program, Ron creates a safe and holy environment in which you can experience the intense curative energy of spirit as it moves through you. This invocation of the Holy Spirit allows you to gain even deeper love, security, and wholeness in your life. We welcome you to take this opportunity to nurture your soul, heal your body, and embrace your mind.

Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power 8 CDs with workbook by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
8 - Cd Set ~ Dec 2001, Nightingale-Conant, IB-RCD91
$89.95 $75.00  
Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power 8 CDs with workbook

This is a 8 - CD Set with workbook There is a divine healing power within you. It is a powerful force on which we all can depend. You can use this power to make wonderful things happen in your life. Not just coincidences, but scenarios in which you desire for something to happen, and it happens. This healing power you have doesn't require you to use any rituals or any formalities. It is a simple power, a manifestation of the divine within you. In Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power: Making the Connection with the SOURCE of all Healing, Dr. Ron Roth will teach you how to connect to an inherent cellular intelligence within you. It is a divine healing power every person has and that every person already uses unconsciously. This program will show you how to bring this power into your active consciousness so you can direct it toward the results you desire. The strategy for bringing this divine power into your active consciousness lies within the power of prayer. The prayer Ron talks about is the kind that can bring out miraculous results. It's about an energy within us, an authority and power within that we can bring forth, and then expect great things to happen. It is the faith that lives within you and you can get it to work for you.

Transcendence: The Highest Form Of Enlightenment by Ron Roth, Ph.D. and Paul Funfsinn, 2005, IB-RCD41
2- CD Set ~ Recorded at the Fall Retreat in Sedona, AZ
Transcendence: The Highest Form Of Enlightenment

The November 2005 Spiritual Healing Intensive Retreat was an extremely powerful experience for all the attendees. Now you can live these experiences as your personal healing retreat in the privacy of your own home through this amazing (2) CD set.

CD#1-You are a being of Light, by Ron Roth

CD#2 -Padre Paul sharing his expereinces and  than testimonies of Healing Experiences   

2 CD's (1 hour, 45 min.)

Living Beyond Limits in the Fourth Dimension
by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
2 CD Set, recorded in 2002, IB-RCD11
Living Beyond Limits in the Fourth Dimension<br>

In this CD recorded live from the Scottsdale, AZ 5-Day Spiritual Intensive program, 2001. Ron shares his experiences of the 4th Dimensional living and inspires you to rise to this expanded consciousness where nothing shall be impossible for you.
In this state of what Ron refers to an exalted consciousness you can go forward in life without material obstruction, without physical, mental, moral or financial hinderance- a state of Divine Consciousness where all sense of the three dimensional world of limitations are faded away.
This CD was recorded live at a five day holistic spirituality retreat conducted by Ron in Arizona.

Spiritual Healing, Miracles & Prayer Ron Roth, Ph. D.
7- Cd Set ~ IB-RCD23
$92.00 $69.95  
Spiritual Healing, Miracles & Prayer

This experiential healing retreat recorded live in at Omega Institue NY (2005) includes teachings and meditations by Ron & Paul Funfsinn, as well as sharing by participants regarding personal healings. Also covered are ways to transmit the energy of healing others with step by step guidance by Ron to all participants as they practice "clinical work" such as laying on of hands. Participants are also taught how to fully open their hearts to their own intuitive graces.
To date this is the most in depth & holistic healing retreat given by Ron Roth on the subjects of Enlightened Spiritual Healing.

Themes Include:
**Physical, Emotional and Mental Healing
**Healing from Spirit Attatchment and Dark Energies
**Distant Healing
**Healing From Low Self Esteem
**The Healing Breath
**Practical Yet Powerful Spiritual Principles
**Creating a Field of Vibratory Love that Heals
**How to Hallow out a Space for the Holiness of God to Enter & Heal Ones Life
**and much much more.........

This is the first time a complete set is being offered as a personal tool for healing. There is no other set on the Healing Prayer experience by Ron Roth as complete as this one. 7 CD's Unabridged 2005

Healing Negative Memories: Uncovering Your Divine Potential Ron Roth
2 CD Set, recorded in 2002, IB-RCD8
Healing Negative Memories: Uncovering Your Divine Potential

Healing of the memories is the healing that takes place within our inner being: the mind, the emotions, the painful sting of hurtful situations and fears that often cripple us and keep us from experiencing the happiness and joy which is our spiritual inheritance. In this workshop, Ron helps us uncover those memories that are impeding our freedom. Once we are aware of these painful memories, we can bring the spiritual energy of the Divine into those "negative stings" and heal them thus releasing our true nature as children of God.

SATSANG: An Experience with the Divine by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
1 CD, recorded in 2003, IB-RCD22
Sold Out!
SATSANG: An Experience with the Divine

One of our best sellers!! This is more than a teaching cd, it is an experience with the Divine. People who attended Ron Roth's Healing Prayer Retreats have seen Ron enter the 4th dimension and teach from a "tranced" state in which it is quite evident that the lesson taught was not coming from Ron but through him. This is one of those expereinces. Ron's great desire is for the listener to experience Divine Love not just hear about it. This is your opporunity! Listen with your heart and you will feel the difference.

Replacing Fear with Dynamic Faith by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
1 cd, 55 mintues, IB-RCD20
Replacing Fear with Dynamic Faith

In this teaching, Ron unveils the meaning of Faith as found in the sacred writings of the Hebrew and Christian testaments.
In an intimate and practical way, Ron shows the power inherant in positive faith and ways you can utilize this sacred energy to enhance and fulfill your life. This came from one of his teaching at a five-day Intensive in Arizona, 2003.

How To Repair Your Spiritual Energy Leaks and Experience a Healthier Life by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
2 CD Set, recorded in 2004, IB-RCD19
How To Repair Your Spiritual Energy Leaks and Experience a Healthier Life

Have you ever felt fatigued, depressed, hopeless, often exhausted when you have had plenty of sleep?
Would you like to replace those negative feelings with joy, hope, faith, power, love, peace and harmony?
It is Possible!!!!
In this CD Ron shares in depth, God's plan for implementing and increasing SACRED ENERGY in all areas of your life.
Embark now on this exhilerating path to a life full of vigor and health, the life which is your natural inheritance.

Releasing the Divine: Energy that Creates Miracles by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
2 CD Set, IB-RCD2
Releasing the Divine: Energy that Creates Miracles

Taped Live at the Sedona Creative Life Center March 12, 2005.
Disc 1 The Miracle Working Power of the name of God
Disc 2 Hallowing out a space for Miracles in your life.

Spirit Directed Healing and the Role of the Spirits by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
2 CD Set, Taped live Oakbrook, IL 2006, IB-RCD28
Spirit Directed Healing and the Role of the Spirits

For the first time, Ron shares how he utilizes the spirit world to assist him in being a channel for God's healing love. At this remarkable event, numerous people actually saw Padre Pio assisting Ron in the healing work. Many others also had phenomenal experiences. Once you hear this spirit-directed teaching you will never have to go down in defeat again, especially when a crisis appears.

This teaching will help the listener understand more fully what Ron means when he states. "I don't heal anyone. God does the healing."

Forgiveness: Meditations & Teachings on Ways to Release Painful Experinces Ron Roth, Ph.D.
2 CD's, IB-RCD37
Forgiveness: <i>Meditations & Teachings on Ways to Release Painful Experinces</i>

Ron shares with you his own experince of Forgiveness, not from a theoretical view-point, but from his own personal practice. Through the teachings on these Cd's you can begin transcending the hurts, shame, guilt and fears that have you in their negative energy and kept you in " past time". Ron offers the listener a unique blend of spirituality, prayer and meditations along with a common sense approach in dealing with one's "Forgiveness challenges" and ways to restore inner peace. Copywrited 1991

Prayer & Spirituality as Sacred Energy Therapy by Ron Roth, Ph.D.
3 CD Set, recorded live in Phoenix, AZ, IB-RCD46
Prayer & Spirituality as Sacred Energy Therapy

In this live workshop held in Phoenix Arizona, Ron reveals his beliefs regarding the types of prayers that not only heal but also contain the power to restore and transform us. Prayers that bring us to our true dimensional beings, our true nature as infinite beings who are extensions of the all powerful, all knowing, ever present ENERGY we call the DIVINE SPIRIT.


Prayer and the Five Stages of Healing Ron Roth, Ph.D.
3 CD's, IB-RCD60
Prayer and the Five Stages of Healing
"Prayer and the Five Stages of Healing", 3-CD Set
Prayer is the key to healing?not only physically, but spiritually? and emotionally as well.  Prayer and the Five Stages of Healing is a guide into every aspect of daily life.
In the first part of this audio book, Ron Roth traces the relationship of prayer to five distinct phrases of healing based on the classic stages of enlightenment found in the mystical literature of the world.  These stages represent a significant evolution in spiritual life that leads to what the author calls “healing into wholeness.”
The second half of the audio book is devoted to advanced methods of prayer drawn from Ron’s many years of experience with prayer and healing.  He shares his personal secrets for summoning the energy of the saints, learning to use silence and solitude to enter into a state of constant awareness of the Divine.

Prayer and Spirit as Energy Medicine Ron Roth, Ph.D.
4 CD's, IB-RCD61
Prayer and Spirit as Energy Medicine
"Prayer and Spirit as Energy Medicine", 4-CD Set:
All prayers are answered. In this uplifting four-part series. Ron Roth shows you how to pray in a manner that brings about fulfillment in all areas of your life.  Ron describes the “favorable factors” necessary to bring about spiritual healing, which he defines as a celebration of life, as well as exhilarating relationships—not just a healed body.  As you listen to this program, you’ll tap into age-old secrets for living a more dynamic and powerful life.
Part 1: Concepts of Prayer and Inner Peace—the essential  ingredients for those who desire healing.
Part 2: Be assured that the peace of God is the only goal in life.  To achieve it, you must first reach the “still point.” a place of inner peace where communion with God is possible.
Part 3: Ron teaches you how to pray in order to get optimal results, and emphasizes the value of forgiveness.
Part 4: This part brings it all together, defining the seven favorable factors, the five stages of life, and the importance of praying as if your desire has already happened.

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