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CLM's Fall Healing Retreat - Sheraton Hotel CLM's Fall Healing Retreat - Sheraton Hotel
with Padre Paul Funfsinn and CLM Community
November 05, 2015 through November 08, 2015
Edison, NJ

CLM's Fall Healing Retreat

Touching the Frequency of Heaven!
November 5-8, 2015
Sheraton Hotel ~ Edison, NJ


Please join Padre Paul and special guest presenters; Robert Bearden, Dana Duryea, Doug Abbott, Virginia Chapin Sheff, along with our presenter and spirit filled musician, Angelika Schafer. This retreat will offer individuals the opportunity to feel the frequency of Heaven and the Presence of God. Healing naturally occurs when subject to the atmosphere of pure Love. Our spiritual community offers you a place to heal and restore those areas of your lives that need the touch of the Divine. Come and experience it with us.

Please be advised that a cancellation fee of $100.00 will be charged for cancelations received in writing prior to October 1, 2015. There will be no refunds after that date.

To Reserve your Hotel Room, click on our Special LINK to the hotel:

Hotel website: CLM - Special Link -Sheraton Hotel

The Sheridan Edison Hotel, 125 Raritan Center Parkway  Edison, New Jersey 08837   (732) 225-8300

Print a Retreat Flier for Novmeber 5-8th, 2015

 Take a look at these power point photo's of our beautiful Hotel for our even has a Starbuck inside...It MUST BE GOD..xoxoxo : Sheraton Edison - Slide Presentation

To call in your Reservations: 800-325-3535 or (732) 225-8300. Callers should identify themselves as attending the Celebrating Life retreat. Celebrating Life Ministries Special Group rates for single (king) $99 which will total $114 on your card...ADD $12 for double bed and $12 for each addition person. Cut-off date to make reservations is on October 1, 2015. 

Package rate to include sleeping room rate and meal rate per person inclusive:

*CLM Single Room & Meal Package inclusive of all fees and taxes is $545.00 per person. [ The breakdown is $114. for three nights plus the $203. for the meal plan.]

*CLM Double Room & Meal Package inclusive of all fees and taxes is $392. per person. [The breakdown is $126. for three nights ($378.) divided by two $189. pre person plus the meal plan $203 which equals  the $392. per person ]

Additional guest add $11.50 per day to room rate + additional package rate

We advise everyone to purchase the Meals Plan Package from the Hotel Shearton (the cost is $203). Individuals who would like to purchase a meal package for the weekend need to call the Hotel conference service manager, Nadialine Moody directly 732-225-8300 ext. 2023 or email her at

Note: The hotel ask each of us to reserve your Hotel Room FIRST and get your confirmation number, than call Nadialine with that number to reserve your meal plan on your room charge. No Meal packages will be sold after October 29, 2015.

Transportation Information

From Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Travel Distance: Approximately 24.14 km/15.0 miles

Options for getting to and from the hotel include:

Signature Limousine Service - CLM used this Limo Service in 2014 ... A+

Call Laura at ahead to make your reservations

WELCOME BACK CLM RETREAT Thank you for contacting us again this year. As always it is a pleasure to provide transportation service for the CLM Retreat. Please see the all-inclusive (including all gratuity, tax, and tolls) rates to/from Newark International Airport below.  We will do our best to coordinate ride shares, indicate when calling which option you are interested in and if you are interested in a ride share. Please have arrival time and flight number available when calling. Call for rates to/from JFK or LGA.

From Newark Liberty International Airport 





State Shuttle


Fee: 35 USD


MyLimo Service / Car Service


Fee: $104.44 USD

Three reminders if attending the Fall Healing Retreat, you must do:
1) Register on the CLM Website to attend... $250 by October 1st
2) Reserve your Hotel Room stay by October 1st
3) Reserve your meal package with Nadialine Moody with the hotel... $203 by Oct 29th
Fall Retreat Coordinators:
Renee Plendl:  (Illinois) 
Assiantant: Cecelia Griffith Walsh   (New Jersey) 732-556-8151

Hotel Liaison - CLM representative -

Wende Grant: (New Jersey) Phone: 212-580-6561

Rita Regimbal  (New Jersey ) Phone 908-432-2550

Shearton Hotel  Representative:

Nadialine Moody directly 732-225-8300 ext. 2023 or email her at .  

You can also pay by check by sending the $250 fee to:

Celebrating Life Ministries, P.O. Box 1064, LaSalle, Illinois  61301

Padre Paul and his team of spiritual teachers have created an amazing Four-Day Fall Healing Intensive
Retreat for those who desire to go deeper with the Divine and to heal and restore their lives!
Things you will learn and experience:
How to tap into the frequency of prayer and devotion in serving our Creator
* How  practicing  simple techniques like intention, meditation, and colors can change our surroundings
* How modeling the saints and sages can cause our frequency to help create Miracles in our lives
* Laying on of the hands for healing * Sacred rituals to draw us close to the One we Love
*  Sitting in Mediation  * Small group experiences  *  Eating meals together
* Our words have a frequency to change our destiny
 * What frequency are you vibrating at?
*  MISSED THE TELECLASS FROM LAST WEEK - Listen to Rev's. Bob Bearden, Virginia Chapin-Sheff and Monk, Renee Plendl share about the exciting Fall Healing Retreat and what we all can expect when "Touching The Frequencies of Heaven". 
Click on this link: RECORDING.
*And much, much more!

What others have said about their experiencee at these healing retreats:

The Spring Retreat was a moving, heart-filling, life changing event this past weekend. Thank you! Thank you! 

* I feel my personal connection with God so strongly again. I feel him flowing through me and in me and as me and as the world and everyone else. My heart is open to God again and I am in a flow of his love. When I pause and revel in His presence I find myself smiling and laughing for no reason. At the retreat I was able to sing again like my young self, ecstatically praising Him and loving him. My body was moved by Him and I wanted to cry from joy many times. 

* It was an incredible 4 days! You probably don’t remember, with everyone leaving at the time, but I shared with you that it had a profound effect on me. I have indeed been able to return to “stillness” and sit with the Divine… MUCH more easily than prior to the Retreat and also really have internalized Jesus… much closer … a true friend. Thank you, thank you!

* The first night of the retreat you talked about being broken in order to be rebuilt by the Holy Spirit. Both my brother and I were amongst the first to be called up to receive a blessing.  Somehow we ended up standing next to each other, both of us in a bit of a daze and neither of us knowing what to expect.  I remember holding onto his hand, my eyes closed. When you came to me, you said something like,  "Let go of his hand.  We come as individuals, not to carry our family.  Surrender, let it be."  I began sobbing and shaking, because some of my biggest fears are around separation, responsibility for my loved ones and potentially losing them as I continue on my spiritual path.  When you asked me to let go, I fell to the floor in tears and couldn't move my body for quite some time. After the retreat, upon returning home I noticed that my "normal" triggers weren't lighting me up.  I was also aware of an increase in the flow of love between myself, my children and my husband.  Today Divine Presence is with me at work.  I learned that God is good, that he is everywhere and that he truly wants what is best for each of us.

* I experienced a feeling of Love for God and Self that was stronger than anything else/all secondary relationships, and this Love is getting stronger.  It was the first time I experienced such a palpable feeling that had such strength, knowingness and grace with it, that I know that I am fully supported in my journey of living centered in my relationship with God. I love witnessing how God works in such playful and unexpected ways, yet always hearing us as we are learning to better hear Him/Her.  I learned that just being Me is enough, and that is my service. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All Celebrating Life Ministries events may be recorded and or photographed. Your participation, in whole or part, may be included in an audio or video program or a media publication to be published by Celebrating Life/ Isaac Books. Your completed registration grants permission to Celebrating Life Ministries and Paul Funfsinn to publish or use the recordings or your picture.


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Co-founders Paul Funfsinn (L), Spiritual Leader and Director of Celebrating Life Ministries and the late Ron Roth (R), Spiritual Shepherd Emeritus.

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