Spiritual Education Program

Celebrating Life Ministries is joyous to announce the new Spiritual Education Program, designed in the spirit of Padre Ron Roth. At the heart of the program, is the breath of the Holy Spirit. Each level encompasses a living, breathing experience of Spirit, with the expansive goal of drawing each closer to the knowledge and knowing (gnosis) of the “soul within” that is in perpetual union with the Divine. 

CLM Education Program Levels

 The CLM Education Program is a three-level process designed to support you in deepening and strengthening your relationship with the Divine. Each level has its own intention, expectations, rewards and goals for deepening and expressing your relationship with God.

 Level 1 The beginning level’s goal is to help you begin to build your personal relationship with God. The focus in this level is coming to know God as Love, and know yourself as Loved. You will look at ideas or concepts of yourself and your relationship to God, and begin to discern the truth about your life and purpose.

 Level 2 In the second level, the goal is to deepen your trust and reliance on God. You will become more attuned to the Guidance of the Divine in your daily life, and shift into living more fully in the Presence. At this level, students are expected to have a daily prayer practice that supports them on both the inner and outer planes. You will be assigned to a Prayer Partner from the CLM Monk/Ordained Community for monthly prayer sessions.

 Level 3 The goal of the third level is for you to live in union with God, in mature awareness of the Christ Essence that you are. Your relationship with the Divine is strengthened and is the guiding principle in your life. In level three, the student is expected to continue growing in God Awareness, and to be in service to humanity. Each level 3 student will design and participate in a service project that furthers the Presence of God in the world.


The main teaching tools in each level are the books, CD’s, movies and activities in the syllabus, and the reflection papers you write, based on your experience with the syllabus materials. Your papers are an opportunity to reflect with God on how the material affected you, and what that means in your spiritual development. Each student is assigned to a Spiritual Companion from the CLM Monk/Ordained Community. Your Spiritual Companion will reflect with you on your papers, and help you to discern more clearly the next steps on your spiritual path. The Spiritual Companion is a separate resource from your Prayer Partner.

 The CLM Education Program is a personal process of spiritual growth. It is not an ordination school, nor is participating in the Education Program a track to becoming a Monk, Minister, Friar, Brother or Novice. CLM Abbott Padre Paul Funfsinn receives guidance from the  Holy Spirit during his prayer time in knowing if someone would be invited to enter the Monk/Ordained Community. This process is separate from the Education Program.

If you are being called to our Spiritual Education Program and would like to start to look into our program, 

Click here:  Spiritual Journey



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Co-founders Paul Funfsinn (L), Spiritual Leader and Director of Celebrating Life Ministries and the late Ron Roth (R), Spiritual Shepherd Emeritus.

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