Spiritual Education Program

Celebrating Life Ministries is joyous to announce the new Spiritual Education Program, designed in the spirit of Padre Ron Roth. At the heart of the program, is the breath of the Holy Spirit. Each level encompasses a living, breathing experience of Spirit, with the expansive goal of drawing each closer to the knowledge and knowing (gnosis) of the “soul within” that is in perpetual union with the Divine. 

  • Level 1 The Important Journey of Prayer, Self Discovery and Cleansing

  • Level 2 Healing and Joy, embracing the path of Listening to Spirit

  • Level 3 Divine Calling to your Destiny, Discovery to your Mystical Union with Christ

    If the candidate chooses the path to ordination after the 3rd level is completed, a letter of application is submitted to Rev. Paul Funfsinn. 

Choosing the path to ordination, may not necessarily mean the student will be ordained. After completion of Level 3, and a subsequent evaluation by the Spiritual Sherpherd(s), Rev. Paul Funfsinn makes the final decision concerning ordination on behalf of Celebrating Life Ministries.

If you are being called to our Spiritual Education Program

and would like to start to look into our program, 

Click here:  Spiritual Journey



Spiritual Director of the Educational Program

Virginia Chapin-Sheff

Virginia Chapin-Sheff has studied the holistic and spiritual sciences for over 30 years, and earned an MA in Holistic    Counseling and Human Development from Salve Regina University in 1992. Following that, she served as an adjunct professor at Salve in the Graduate Department for 7 years. For many years she taught spiritual classes, both at Salve, and privately in her office.

Virginia has given thousands of spiritually-based readings, called Path of Life readings, to clients all all over the world, and continues to offer that service. She is an ordained minister with Celebrating Life Ministries.

Virginia’s interest in the spiritual dimension of life began when she had a near death experience at the age of nine. Following that personal experience, she dedicated her adult life to cultivating and nourishing this connection to the Light and inspiring faith in Divine Love.

She is trained in multiple holistic modalities, and has over 3,000 hours of hands on healing experience from her private practice in energy work. Over the 30 years, she trained with many notable teachers, including Linda Ward, Rosalyn Bruyere, Francis McEvoy, and Ron Roth. Her recent travels have taken her to the Oneness University in India, Medjugorje in Bosnia, and numerous trips to John of God in Brazil. She supports the spiritual work of the Casa’s hospital.

Virginia has had a life-long connection to animals and her ministry is devoted to their welfare. Virginia may be reached at  runningclouddoggies@gmail.com.

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Co-founders Paul Funfsinn (L), Spiritual Leader and Director of Celebrating Life Ministries and the late Ron Roth (R), Spiritual Shepherd Emeritus.

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