Level 3 - Student Curriculum



CLM EDUCATION PROGRAM LEVEL 3 (Divine Calling, Mystical Union) (2021 + 2022)

                                                              SYLLABUS –LEVEL 3

Padre Paul Funfsinn: Archbishop, CLM

Rev. Susan Wallace, Education Director

Monk Renee Plendl, Education Assistant

Rev. Dana Duryea, Bishop, CLM

Rev. Robert Bearden,  Bishop, CLM


Technical Support on our Monthly Zoom Calls 

Rev. Miriam Karell

Rev. Pat Hansen

Rev. Katharine Baugh


"The harm that comes to souls from the lack of reading holy books makes me shudder . . .
What power spiritual reading has to lead to a change of course, and to make even worldly people enter into the way of perfection."
— St. Padre Pio


                                             PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE SYLLABUS

Write a 1-page reflection paper on every book, cd, and movie that you read, listen to or watch.

Books (Required)

“Reclaim Your Spiritual Powers”, Ron Roth

“Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ” Jeanne Guyon

“Imagine Heaven”, John Burke

“Jesus, the story of the lost 30 years and the ancient mystery religions” Tricia McCannon

“The Second Coming of Christ” Volume 2, Yogananda (Not Kindle) OR The New Testament

“The New Path, My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda”, Kriyananda

“After the Diagnosis”, The Transformative Power of Love, Rev Lynch, and Barabara Mariconda

“The Power of Kindness", Piero Ferrucci 

"Padre Pio, A Personal Portrait", Francesco Napolitano (New)


Books (Choose 5)

“Led by Faith”, Immaculee Ilibagiza

“Visions of the Children” (Medjugorje) Janice Connell

“Meetings with Mary”, Visions of the Blessed Mother, Janice Connell

“Hosting the Presence”, Bill Johnson

“The Story of a Soul” (autobiography) St. Therese de Lisieux”

“Diary, Divine Mercy in My Soul” St. Maria Faustina Kowalska

“Ammachi, a biography of Mata Amritanandamayi” Swami Amritaswarupananda

“The Urantia Book”  Part 1V, The Life and Teachings of Jesus, Urantia Foundation, Or, you may choose one of the earlier sections of the book.

“Anna, Grandmother of Jesus” Claire Heartsong

“The Imitation of Christ” Tomas Kempis

“33 Days to Morning Glory” Michael Gaitley (a do it yourself retreat for Marian Consecration)

“Consoling the Heart of Jesus” Michael Gaitley (a do it yourself retreat with St. Ignatius)        

“Seven Thousand Ways to Listen” Mark Nepo

“The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament”  A course in Miracles

“Sensible Shoes, a Story about the Spiritual Journey”, Sharon Brown

“Saints for the Sick, Heavenly Help for Those Who Suffer”, Joan Cruz

“Fatima in Lucia’s own words”, Sister Lucia’s Memoirs

“A Visit from Heaven” Immaculee Ilibigiza

“In the Midst of Life” Jennifer Worth

“Resurrecting Jesus”, Adyashanti 

“Falling Upward”,  Richard Rohr 

“When the Heart Waits”, Sue Monk Kidd

“Where there is Love, There is God”,  Mother Teresa

"The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears", Mark Batterson 

“Keys to Yeshua”,  Glenda Green 

“Miracles of Mindfulness”, Thich Nhat Hanh

“Becoming Supernatural",  Joe Dispenza (audio accepted)

"The Interior Castle",  St Tersea of Avila, translation by Mirabai Starr

“The Dark Night of the Soul”, Gerald May MD

"The Return of the Prodigal Son", Henri Nouwen 

"Living Presence", Sufi Kabir HHelminski

"The Secret of the Rosary", St. Louis de Montfort 

"The Universal Christ", Richard Rohr 

"Wild Mercy", Mirabai Starr 

" Padre Pio, The True Story", Bernard Ruffin (New)

" Living Presence" The Sufi Path to Mindfulness and Essential Self, Kabir Helminski (New)


Cd’s (Required)

“Spiritual Healing” Miracles and Prayer (Omega 2005) Ron Roth

“Spiritual Healing Intensive, 2002”  Ron Roth

“Divine Dialogue” and workbook, Ron Roth

“Speaking the Lost Language of God” Gregg Braden

“Home in Emptiness, Yeshua’s Original Aramaic Be-Attitudes” Dale Allen Hoffman


Cd’s (choose 1) YouTube

“The Highest Level of Enlightenment” David Hawkins

"The Embrace of Father God", Leif Hetland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-UsLyucnA


Meditations/Devotionals/Music (choose 1)

“Francisco de Assisi” (St. Francis) Marcus Viana

“Moola Mantra” available at Oneness University online

“An Almanac for the Soul, Anthology of Hope”, Marv and Nancy Hiles, Iona Center

“An Ignatian Book of Days", Jim Manney

"Jesus Today", Sarah Young 

"The Resting Place", Bill Johnson 

"Simply Surrender: 30 Days with a Great Spiritual Teacher", Theresa of Lisieux

"The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn" 


DVD’s (choose 1)

“Furious Love” Wanderlust Productions

“Padre Pio” Between Heaven and Earth, Michele Pacido

“Darshan, the Embrace”  Mata Amritanadamaya Devi

“Mystic India" a child's incredible journey of inspiration,  

"The Case for Christ", Lee Strobel 

 Any movie of your choice from Ignatius Press


Movies DVDs (Required)

"A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"

"The Hiding Place", Julie Harris and Jeannette Clift 

"Forevermore", The Karla Faye Tucker Story 

"The Staircase" 

"Jesus and His Times, Amazon (New)


Monthly - (Prayer Partners)

Level 3 students will continue to meet with a prayer partner assigned by  Monk Renee Plendl from the CLM Monk and Ordained Community. The prayer partners meet for a 30-45 minute call each month to pray together for themselves, one another, and the world. In Level 3, your Prayer Partner will help you deepen your skills in offering prayer.  "Whenever two or more are gathered in His Name, there is Love." 

You will submit a paper twice a year, following the outline provided, detailing your work with your prayer partner and the development of your prayer life. Send these papers to Monk Renee, Padre Paul, Rev. Susan, Bishop Bobee, and Bishop Dana, and post to the CLM Google Port, once available. 


Sacred Pilgrimages with Celebrating Life Ministries

Medjugorje - March 21-28, 2022

You may receive one elective credit by going on this pilgrimage with CLM and writing a 1-2 page paper on your experience.  


Required Activities:

1.)     Listen to 6  CLM teleconferences (Padre and a Special Guest). Students must document which teleconferences they listened to and document this on the required syllabus, and mail this into their hard file for credit at the end of each year. 

2.)    Students are expected to listen to and participate in ALL student teleconferences discussing the book "Padre Pio, a Personal Portrait". If you are not able to be on the call, please write a paragraph and post your comments on the Student Google list. Students must document which attended and submit this on the required syllabus at the end of the year for credit. A student who misses 3 zoom calls in the year, without prior approval or without sending in their write-up, will be placed on pause. Please see "Students on Pause" in each section of the curriculum for a full description of what this entails.

3.)    Read, listen to, and watch the required books, cd’s, and movies.

4.)   Write a 1-2 page reflection paper on each of the required and elective books, CD's and DVD's, describing how they have enhanced your relationship with Spirit. NOTE: When emailing your papers, please write in the subject line:        Name of Book or Recording/Author/Your Name. For example, The Healing Path of Prayer by Ron Roth/Katharine Baugh. Email papers to your Spiritual Companion, Padre Paul, pfunfsinn@yahoo.com, Rev. Susan Wallace, susan@susanwallace.com, Monk Renee Plendl, reneeplendl@gmail.com, Bishop Bob Bearden, bobbearden@hotmail.com, Bishop Dana Duryea, danaduryea1@gmail.com, and your "Assigned Spiritual Companion".  Additionally, post your paper to our Google port, when this is made available. Credit will only be given for posted papers

SPECIAL NOTE: There is a limit of 2 reports a month that can be submitted. The purpose of these reports is to read and glean principles that you are applying to your life today. It is not a book report per se, but actually a Life Review on your emotional, psychological and spiritual growth each month. Life is a journey, not a race, so slow down and enjoy your moments of bliss and then write about them!

5.) Perform 25 hours of Community Service. 

  A.)    The service should be purposeful and involve furthering an understanding of spirit or loving-kindness.

  B.)    Service can be integrated into your program by volunteering at CLM retreats or any organization that fills your heart.

  C.)    Verifications of your service must be in writing from the person or organization receiving the service (other than CLM) and has been previously approved by the Education Director or Padre Paul Funfsinn.

  D.)    Credit will be given for how many hours the student actually worked at the CLM event.

  E.)    It is up to the student to keep track of their hours and record them in the annual syllabus review.

6.) Check in each year on a phone call with the Education Director. Please respond to Rev. Susan's request for a phone call when you receive it.

7.) At the end of each year, you will receive a request from the Education Director to submit a syllabus, indicating the work you have completed during the year. Please respond to the request and submit your syllabus when asked. If you track the work you submit during the year on a printed syllabus, it is a very easy thing to report and send in. 

Student on Pause:

A student in the CLM Education Program may be placed or requested to be on “Pause” by agreement with the Education Director and Spiritual Shephard. If this is something you are considering, please email Rev. Susan Wallace, susan@susanwallace.com, and we will find a mutually agreed on time for a phone call. . Pause is a six-month break from active participation in the Education Program, to allow the student time for prayer and contemplation, to gain discernment on their spiritual direction, or to put family or work situations in order. At the conclusion of the Pause period, the student may consider whether continuing in the Education Program is aligned for them.

While on Pause, the student will have access, via the CLM website, to the rich list of books, CD’s, movies, and other resources, but will not be submitting papers on these activities or participating in the monthly student Zoom calls or annual student retreat, or accessing the CLM Students Google Group to send or receive messages. If the student has been assigned a Prayer Partner from the CLM MOFEB community, they are not required to continue their prayer sessions or to submit papers.

The student on Pause is a valued member of our community, whom we welcome at Retreats, Zoom calls, and Teleconferences that are listed on the CLM website. We continue to pray for you in this phase of your spiritual journey and welcome you to return to active participation in the Education Program at the conclusion of your Pause by submitting a written request to the Education Director and the Spiritual Shephard.


Final Paper:

Upon COMPLETION OF ALL the requirements and electives, and with the permission of the Education Director, Susan Wallace. write an 8-10 page paper that reflects your spiritual progress. 

As a suggestion only, some of the questions you might consider are:

1.)     How has your relationship with the Holy Spirit deepened?  Has it?

2.)    Describe your calling for your next spiritual step and how it has changed over the years.

3.)     How has your transformation and growth affected those around you?

4.)    How do you see yourself being of service?

5.)    How has your relationship with Love changed? 

6.)    Please describe your relationship with the Divine

Email Papers:

Rev. Susan Wallace, Education Director,  susan@susanwallace.com

Padre Paul Funfsinn:  pfunfsinn@yahoo.com

Monk Renee Plendl: reneeplendl@gmail.com

Bishop Robert Bearden, bobbearden@hotmail.com

Bishop Dana Duryea, danaduryea1@gmail.com


Congratulations on completing the educational program!  This is an accomplishment that is recognized by the leaders of CLM and demonstrates your devotion to the Divine and profound willingness to be of service. Padre Paul and the Bishops will be in prayer concerning your next steps.


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