Level 1 - Student Curriculum



Prayer, Self Discovery/Cleansing   (2024)

"You will not see anyone who is truly striving after his spiritual advancement who is not given to spiritual reading."
St. Athanasius of Alexandria


Padre Paul Funfsinn:  Archbishop, CLM

Rev. Susan Wallace, Education Director

Bishop Renee Plendl, Education Program Advisor

Rev. Pat Hansen, Education Assistant

Brother Craig Rippens, Education Assistant

Rev. Dana Duryea, Bishop, CLM

Rev. Robert Bearden,  Bishop, CLM


Technical Support on our Monthly Zoom Calls 

Rev. Miriam Karell

Monk Maya Paul


                                                      SYLLABUS – LEVEL 1

                                            PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE SYLLABUS

Write a 1-page reflection paper on every book, cd, and movie that you read, listen to or watch.


RequiredBooks (8)

“The Healing Path of Prayer”, Ron Roth

“Prayer and the Five Stages of Healing”, Ron Roth

“The Art of Happiness”, Dalai Lama

“The Anatomy of the Spirit”, Caroline Myss (book or CDs) The CD set is titled: Energy Medicine

“The Yoga of Jesus”, Self Realization Fellowship

"Padre Pio, A Personal Portrait", Francesco Napolitano

“Maryam of Bethlehem, The Little Arab” by Sister Emmanuel Maillard

"Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools", Tyler Staton 


Elective Books (Choose 6)

My Heart Will Triumph, Mirjana Soldo

“No Greater Love" by Mother Teresa

“The Places that Scare You”, Pema Chodron

“Love Without End”, Glenda Green

“Life of the Beloved”, Henri Nouwen

“The Autobiography of a Yogi”, Yogananda

“Journey of Souls”, Michael Newton

“Jesus and the Essenes”, Dolores Cannon

“Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer”, Gregg Braden

“The Novice”, Thich Nhat Hanh

“Shower of Heavenly Roses”, Elizabeth Ficocelli (Stories of the intercession of St. Therese of Lisieux)

“A New Earth”, Eckhart Tolle

“Many Mansions” Gina Cerminara (The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation)

“The Incorruptibles”, Joan Cruz

"Open Mind, Open Heart", Thomas Keating 

"No Mud, No Lotus", Thich Nhat Hanh 

"Angels at My Fingertips", Lora Byrne 

"Start Where You Are", Pema Chodrun 

"One Mind", Larry Dossey, MD 

" St Clare of Assisi" Light from the Cloister, Bert Thomas 

"Releasing Miracles", Kynan Bridges

"Change Your Mind and Your Life will follow", by Karen Casey


Required CD's (3)

“Healing Prayers”, Ron Roth

“Realization of the Christ Within”, Dale Allen Hoffman

“Divine Love”, Wayne Dyer


Elective CD's (Choose 2)

“Meditations to Develop a God Consciousness”, Ron Roth

“Living Beyond Limits in the Fourth Dimension”, Ron Roth

“Journey to the Crystal Cave”, Josie Ravenwing

“Sacred Verses and Divine Healing Decree”, Ron Roth

“The Divine Connection”, Ron Roth

"Jesus and Prayer, Keys to Releasing Divine Power", Ron Roth 


Devotionals (Choose 1)

“Enter the Quiet Heart”, Sri Daya Mata

"Jesus Calling", Sarah Young, It's in the upper levels, but now appears in Level 1

“Jesus Lives", Sarah Young 

"I Want to See Jesus in a New Light", Ron Roth (E-Book)

“Psalms for Praying,” Nan C. Merrill

Any devotional that appeals to you (approved by the Education Director)


Movies DVDs (Choose 5)

Peaceful Warrior, Scott Mechlowicz

Padre Pio, Ignatius Press (either movie, there are 2)

"The Letters", Mother Teresa 

"The Christmas Candle", Max Lucado

"The Perfect Wave", Scott Eastman

"The Chosen" – Season 1 or 2 or 3

“The Face of Mercy” About Sister Faustina and the miracles of Divine Mercy. Narrated by Jim Caviezel.

"All or Nothing": Sister Clare Crockett. Full movie is available on YouTube.

"Amerikatsi" on Amazon


Most of the books and audio are available at the CLM bookstore or on Amazon or YouTube

"The harm that comes to souls from the lack of reading holy books makes me shudder . . .
What power spiritual reading has to lead to a change of course, and to make even worldly people enter into the way of perfection."
— St. Padre Pio



Each student is expected to engage in regular prayer practice. If you are new to prayer or would like help in discerning your path of prayer, contact Rev. Susan to schedule a phone call for support.

 You may also receive credit for participating in a regularly scheduled prayer group for a minimum of 2 meetings a month for 6 months and writing a 1-2 page paper on your experience. Your paper will include what you learned, how you grew spiritually, what you offered to the group, and what you see as your next steps, based on this experience. This will take the place of one elective book, movie, or CD.

 This should be an established prayer group, one affiliated with a church, spiritual community, or organization. You may find a group in your area, or join one of the many groups that currently meet on Zoom or other platforms. For example, Contemplativeoutreach.org offers a wealth of Centering Prayer groups.

 To get approval for a group to be accepted for credit, submit in writing a description of the group, its purpose, who leads the meetings, how often meetings occur, what draws you there, and what do you hope to gain from participating. Send this to Rev. Susan, cc Padre Paul, and Bishop Renee. 

Sacred Pilgrimage


A student may receive an inner calling to journey to a sacred site such as Lourdes, Fatima, Ekam, The Camino, or to join a structured or unstructured retreat at a center in the US. If you are guided to make a pilgrimage part of your spiritual growth experience, you may receive credit for the experience. Requirements are: 

1. Prior approval of the Education Director. Email Rev. Susan with a description of your intended journey and what you are seeking through the experience.

2. Upon completion, write a 1-2 page paper on your process, what you learned, how you grew, graces you received. 

3. This will be considered as one elective book, movie or CD on your syllabus.

Pilgrimage is praying with your body, with your feet. It is an exterior prayer that calls you into the interior prayer. Richard Rohr


Activity Requirements:

1.) Attend 6 teleconferences , led by CLM Monks and Ordained or Zoom calls led by Padre with guests. Students must document which teleconferences they listened to and submit this on the required syllabus at the end of the year for credit. The student must sign up for these Teleconferences in order to receive the recordings to listen to later if they cannot be on the call.

2.) Students are expected to participate in all of the monthly Zoom conferences, discussing the book chosen this year. Please connect using the zoom link, with your camera on. We want to see one another! If you are not able to be on the call, because of work or another commitment, let us know ahead of time, watch the recording that you will receive via email, and submit a paragraph with your comments on the chapter discussed to Padre Paul, Rev. Susan and Bishop Renee each month. Students must document which attended and submit this on the required syllabus at the end of the year for credit.

3.) Read, listen to, and watch the required books, CD’s, and movies.

 4.)  Write a 1-2 page reflection paper on EACH of the required books and elected cd’s, and movies. NOTE: When emailing your papers, follow this format: In the subject line, list your name, the name of the book, movie or CD, author. If your paper is sent as an attachment, include your name, book title and date on the attachment. Send each paper to the Education Team: Email papers to Padre Paul Funfsinn, Rev Susan Wallace, Bishop Renee Plendl, Rev Pat Hansen, Bishop Dana Duryea, Bishop Bobbe Bearden, and your "Assigned Spiritual Companion".

In 2024 each student is required to submit a minimum of 3 papers, due on or before March 15, June 15 and October 15. Note: If circumstances challenge you to meet those dates. Please contact Susan Wallace

Please note, this is the minimum you are required to submit this year. You do not need to wait for these due dates. You may submit more regularly, up to a maximum of 2 papers per month.

5.)    CREDIT WILL ONLY be given to papers that were sent to our entire team.

6.)    Students are expected to check in each year on a phone conversation with the Education Director. Please respond to the request for a phone conversation when you receive it.

7.)    Perform 25 hours of community service. 

Community Service:  25 Hours

1.)   The service should be purposeful and involve furthering an understanding of spirit or loving-kindness.

2.)   Service can be integrated into your program by volunteering at CLM retreats or any organization that fills your heart.

3.)   Verifications of your service must be in writing from the person or organization receiving the service (other than CLM) and have previously been approved by the Education Director.

4.)  Credit will be given for how many hours the student actually worked, excluding travel and preparation.

5.)   It is up to the student to keep track of their hours and record them in the annual syllabus review.


Final Paper:

Upon completion of all of the requirements listed above, and with permission of the Spiritual Shephard and the Education Director, write an 8-10 page paper that reflects your spiritual progress. Some of the questions to consider in your paper are: :

1.) What have you learned about yourself and how have you been transformed through the Level 1 experience and CLM?  How have you grown in your spiritual life?

2.) Share your experience with the Holy Spirit, prayer, and healing

Any questions, please email Rev Susan Wallace, Education Director, at susan@susanwallace.com

Email Papers:

Rev Susan Wallace: susan@susanwallace.com

Padre Paul Funfsinn:  pfunfsinn@yahoo.com

Bishop Renee Plendl:  reneeplendl@gmail.com

Rev. Pat Hansen, hanspat1111@gmail.com

Bishop Robert Bearden, rbrtbearden58@gmail.com

Bishop Dana Duryea, danaduryea1@gmail.com

The Spiritual Companion to whom you are assigned.


 Student on Pause:

A student in the CLM Education Program may be placed or requested to be on “Pause” by agreement with the Education Director and Spiritual Shephard. If this is something you are considering, please email Rev. Susan Wallace, susan@susanwallace.com, and we will find a mutually agreed time for a phone call. . Pause is a six-month break from active participation in the Education Program to allow the student time for prayer and contemplation, to gain discernment on their spiritual direction, or to put family or work situations in order. At the conclusion of the Pause period, the student may consider whether continuing in the Education Program is aligned for them.

While on Pause, the student will have access, via the CLM website, to the rich list of books, CDs, movies, and other resources but will not be submitting papers on these activities or participating in the monthly student Zoom calls or annual student retreat, or accessing the CLM Students Google Group to send or receive messages. If the student has been assigned a Prayer Partner from the CLM MOFEB community, they are not required to continue their prayer sessions or to submit papers.

The student on Pause is a valued member of our community whom we welcome at Retreats, Zoom calls, and Teleconferences that are listed on the CLM website. We continue to pray for you in this phase of your spiritual journey and welcome you to return to active participation in the Education Program at the conclusion of your Pause by submitting a written request to the Education Director and the Spiritual Shephard.


© CLM 2024  


Once you have completed Level 1 we ask that you check out our Level 2 Prerequisites if you desire to continue with the program. LEVEL 2 PRERQUISITES

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